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Consortium Connections Summer 2021

In this issue:
Central Team Message

Network Expansion
SCI IEQCC Evaluation Team 
Message from the Data Team
IES Spotlight
Focus On: Leadership
CSCIRA 2021 Abstracts/Posters
Toronto CSCIRA 2021 Abstracts/Posters
Teach Corner!
SCI-O Update
CSCIRA Conference

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Consortium Connections Summer 2020

In this issue:
Message from ONF
Consortium Overview
More About Indicators
Operations Team
SCI Ontario
Newsletter Feedback/Ideas

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Consortium Connections Winter 2020

In this issue:
Central Team Message


Focus on UTI

Implementation Mentors

IES Spotlight

Site Leads/Program Feature

SCI-O Update

ONF Profile

Hold the Date: CSCI RA Conference


Consortium Connections Fall 2020

In this issue:
Message from the Team

Who we are

Focus on Tissue Integrity

Sexual Health Virtual Training

SWAT Virtual Training

Updates from SCI-O

IES & Leadership Spotlight

ONF Profile


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Consortium Connections Spring 2020

In this issue:
Working Together
Consortium Goals
Focus on Wheeled Mobility
Update SCI-Ontario
IES & Leadership Profiles
Emotional Well-Being Summit
ONF Profile
Newsletter Feedback/Ideas