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Spinal Cord Injury Ontario


Spinal Cord Injury Ontario (SCIO) is grounded by people with a spinal cord injury being able to live the life they choose in a fully inclusive Ontario. SCIO delivers and champions excellence in service, support and advocacy for and with people with spinal cord injury.

Program Description:


With staff and a volunteer network that reach every corner of the province, regional services staff help clients with spinal cord injuries and other physical disabilities transition from acute care through rehabilitation and back to the community. Our programs deliver customized, client-focused solutions to people with unique needs. We help clients access service where and when needed and focus on client-centered goals and solutions. We work closely with other community partners and health care providers.

Our Peer Program matches newly injured people with an individual who can share personal experiences via our Peer Program Coordinators, Mentors and SCI network.


This program supports clients gain more confidence as they gain more information on both the little details and the big picture of living with a SCI.  We also provide comprehensive knowledge exchange and evidence-based knowledge translation through our Cortree Disability Education Centre and host comprehensive info sessions and peer connections events throughout the province.  Being the only organization supporting people with SCI throughout the entire continuum of care and over a persons entire lifespan, we have established comprehensive partnerships that enable us lead major public policy initiatives that modernize the system of services and supports in the province while addressing and resolving systemic barriers that impact the quality of life for people with SCI. 

Check out our Annual Report for in depth details about our organization’s performance.

As a community driven charity committed to the needs of people with SCI, join our community and lets work together to lead the future towards a fully inclusive and accessible Ontario. 

Implementation in Action

The Team

Consortium Team Members

Dr. Stuart Howe

Margaret Murphy

Peter Athanasopoulos    

Chris Bourne    

Bryce Donald   

Rob Murphy   

Ron Rattie    

Julie Watson   

Stacy-Ann Walker

Meredith Burley

Natavan Lhasiyeva

Chenique Harbin

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