Domains for Implementation

The ICF is a classification system that underlies definition, measurement, and policy formulations in the fields of health and disability. A hybrid of medical and social models of disability, the framework depicts function and disability as interacting factors that relate to the individual, and contextual factors unique to the individual.

The Framework was developed a priori to conduct of the scoping review, using the rehabilitation goals to guide selection of relevant data elements, data collection, collation, and the data reporting process. The following case examples are intended to assist the reader in understanding how the rehabilitation framework is applied and customized care provided for each individual with SCI.


The Consortium began with 37 domains


Then selected 17 domains, and then paired that down to 11 domains

17 dom.png

and then decided on 6 domains for implementation

37 Domains

17 Domains

11 Domains

6 Domains

Urinary Tract Infection





Wheeled Mobility

Emotional Well-Being


Defining the Six Aims for Domain Implementation

domain explain.png

Participating SCI Rehabilitation Sites:

Hamilton Kingston

London Ottawa