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Consortium Sponsors


Ministry of Health

The research program at the Ministry of Health (MOH) is designed to support all areas of the ministry with a strong evidence base to enable improvements to the health system. Through funding of strategic research, the MOH is able to invest in high quality, policy relevant, patient-oriented health services and policy research that is aligned to key ministry priorities.


Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation

Through research, knowledge mobilization and implementation initiatives we aim to prevent neurotrauma injuries and improve the lives of Ontarians with acquired brain injury and spinal cord injury.


Praxis Spinal Cord Institute

Praxis exists to lead global collaboration in spinal cord injury research, innovation and care. We use SCI knowledge translation to bridge health evidence with real-world delivery. Praxis facilitates an international network of people with SCI and other world-class experts to work together to identify, prioritize and solve the most urgent challenges toward a vision of a world without paralysis after SCI.

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