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Providence Care Hospital

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Providence Care is Southeastern Ontario’s leading provider of specialized care in aging, mental health and rehabilitation.

Continuing the legacy of our Founders, the Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul, Providence Care consists of Providence Care Hospital and Providence Manor long-term care home, as well as community sites across the region.

The inpatient Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Program at Providence Care Hospital serves adults who have experienced a spinal cord injury (SCI)/disease either due to a traumatic injury or non-traumatic condition. The program offers both high and low intensity rehabilitation to patients admitted from Kingston, Belleville, Brockville and surrounding areas.

The unit serves approximately 50 inpatients/year. Patients are served by a multidisciplinary team consisting of physiatrists, hospitalists, nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and assistants, social worker, pharmacist, behavioural technologist, dietitian, speech-language pathologist and spiritual health practitioners.

Co-ordination of community services upon discharge is also provided. Some patients continue their therapy program in the outpatient programs offered in our Rehabilitation Therapy Centre. While involved in the inpatient and outpatient programming, patients may also participate in our hydrotherapy programs.

Implementation in Action

Consortium Team Members

Site Leads

Patti Harvey – Director

Dr. Sussan Askari – Physiatrist

Dr. Karen Smith – Physiatrist

Implementation & Evaluation Specialists (IES)

Rachel Holthof – Professional Practice Lead, Social Work

Mary Jo Demers – Physiotherapist (former)

Site Implementation Team

Kate Morris – Program Manager

Lori Kimmett – Program Manager

Susan Little – Charge Nurse

Nicole Ball – Charge Nurse

Crystal Clark – Education Facilitator

Alysa Lafleur – Education Facilitator

Richard Lenart – Occupational Therapist

Tanya Schomberg – Occupational Therapist

Lynn Rigby – Physiotherapist

Jennifer Tam – Physiotherapist

Nicole Leonarduzzi – OTA/PTA

Danica Ivimey – OTA/PTA

Kayla Gauley – Speech Language Pathologist

Teresa Whalen – Speech language Pathologist

Maciej Zaborowski – Spiritual Health Practitioner

Meghan Herrington – Behavioural Technologist

Heather Brown – Behavioural Technologist

June Fransblow – Dietitian

Darlington Etumni – Pharmacist

Joanne Jones – CCRS/Nurse Coordinator

Jolene Heil – Advance Practice Nurse Wound Care

Wilma Shatraw – Nurse

Sherry Gowdy – Nurse 

Jana Roth – Performance Indicator Specialist - Decision Support Bryce Donald – Community Partner - Spinal Cord Injury Ontario Andrea Andrecyk – Community Partner - Spinal Cord Injury Ontario

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