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Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation

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Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation (SCCR) is the provincial tertiary centre for rehabilitation of the complex neurological disorders in New-Brunswick, located in Fredericton.

Program Description:


The Centre offers specialized assessment and intervention services to clients from all parts of the province. The program provides specialized inpatient rehabilitation, outpatient services and specialty clinics. With services provided in both official languages, the Centre offers support to community therapists who are providing primary and secondary services, via consultation and professional education opportunities. Research and provision of information/services to consumers are also essential components of the tertiary program. Our multi-disciplinary clinical care team includes Physiatry, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Social Work, Psychology/Neuropsychology, Speech-Language Pathology, Recreation Therapy, Clinical Nutrition, Nursing, Assistive Technology Services, Adaptive Driving Service, Adaptive Seating Service, Augmentative Communication Service, Rehabilitation Engineering and Spiritual Care.

Adjacent to the SCCR is the Stan Cassidy Kiwanis House, which offers accessible accommodation, and Atlantic Canada's only fully accessible rehabilitation Therapeutic Park. Transitional Living Suites (TLS) are accessible and self-contained living spaces on site at SCCR, designed for patients requiring intensive assessment and/or rehabilitation but who do not require intensive nursing care. SCCR has both an adult and a pediatric team.

Implementation in Action

Consortium Members

Site Leads


Dr. Colleen O’Connell – Physiatrist and Research Chief
Dr. JoAnne Savoie –  Clinical Neuropsychologist

Shane McCullum – Research Manager

Implementation & Evaluation Specialist (IES)


Dominique LeBlanc – Physiotherapist 

Site Implementation Team (SIT) - Sexual Health


Eric Tremblay – Occupational Therapist

Allison Banks – Occupational Therapist
Dr. Christina Drost – Psychologist
Andrea Thompson – Community Partner
George Woodworth – Community Partner

Dominique LeBlanc – Physiotherapist & IES
Debbie Dunnett – Registered Nurse

Site Implementation Team (SIT) - Self-Management

Dr. Kayla Roddick

Allyson Daigle – Social Worker

Louise Schwartz – Nursing Manager

Emily Ready – Occupational Therapist

Dr. Becky Mills – Psychologist

Dominique LeBlanc – IES

Site Implementation Team (SIT) - Community Participation

Chelsea Crockford – Recreational Therapist

Laura Olford – Recreational Therapist

Hannah Poirier – Therapy Assistant in Recreational Therapy

Ashley Rose – Physiotherapist

Steven MacPail – Physiotherapist

Dr. JoAnne Savoie – Psychologist

Allyson Daigle – Social Worker

Debbie LeBreton – Occupational Therapist

Dominique LeBlanc – IES

Site Implementation Team (SIT) - Walking


Stephanie Martin – Physiotherapist
Ashley Rose – Physiotherapist
Dominique LeBlanc – Physiotherapist & IES
Isabelle Ross – Physiotherapy Assistant

Steven McPhail - Physiotherapist

Site Implementation Team (SIT) - Emotional Well-Being


Dr. JoAnne Savoie – Psychologist
Dr. Becky Mills – Psychologist
Chris McAloon – Spiritual Services Coordinator 

Dominique LeBlanc – IES

Data Support


Jeannette Blanchard - Health Information Professional (Health Records)

Lauren Casey – Data Clerk

Chelsea Crockford – Data Clerk

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