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Toronto Rehabilitation Institute


To transform lives, we take bold steps. This means continuously elevating our ambitions and not settling for less when it comes to improving the lives of others and all those on TeamUHN.​

We know the road to excellence is not covered by a single plan, but a shared commitment to the betterment of all. UHN’s 2019-23 Strategic Plan is built on that shared commitment and serves as our guide for harnessing our efforts across care, research and education. This plan will help us make important choices and presents our way to a better future —​ A Healthier World for all.

Program Description:

One of North America’s largest and most diverse SCI rehabilitation
research groups – that develops and evaluates novel rehabilitation
devices and therapies. The NET Team includes seven scientists, eight adjunct scientists, four postdoctoral fellows, 24 graduate students and 24 research staff. Transferring research innovations into clinical best practices ensures that Toronto Rehab patients benefit from the latest therapeutic and technological advancements in SCI rehabilitation.

Implementation in Action


Consortium Members

Site Leads

Heather Flett – Advance Practice Leader

Iona MacRitchie – Program Services Manager

Implementation & Evaluation Specialists (IES)


Nelly Ventre – Speech Language Pathologist

Carrie Mizzoni – Occupational therapist

Kristina Plourde – Physiotherapist

Site Implementation Team (SIT) -  Tissue Integrity/UTI


Sandra Mills – Patient and Family Educator

Linda Flockhart - Clinical Director

Martha McKay – Clinical Psychologist

Christie Yao – Clinical Psychologist

Carol McAnuff – Clinical Nurse Specialist

Jennifer Hou – Advanced Practice Nurse Educator 

Data Support


Andrea Brown – IES mentor

Julia Rybkina – Research Associate

Maryam Omidvar – Research Associate

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