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Queen Elizabeth Hospital

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The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) located in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, is dedicated to improving the health of Islanders by providing leadership in acute care and specialized hospital services.

Program Description:

The Provincial Rehabilitation Unit (Unit 7) at QEH is a specialized, 20-bed unit, staffed by an interdisciplinary team including nursing, physicians, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech language pathology, prosthetic & orthotic services, dietitian, volunteer services, social work and psychology.

The daily routine on Unit 7 is geared towards helping the patient develop maximum independence in everyday tasks. The physiatrist and attending physician work with the interdisciplinary team to ensure the patient receives comprehensive coordinated care including medical care, therapy services, and other services necessary to enhance rehabilitation and recovery.

Other services available in the Physical Medicine Department include an Outpatient SCI clinic with Nurse Practitioner, OT, PT, and Orthotics where patients are provided return follow- up across their lifespan.

Implementation in Action

Consortium Members

Site Leads


Dr. Nathan Heinrichs – Physiatrist & Chair​

Implementation & Evaluation Specialists (IES)


Juffah Tamula - PT & IES

Site Implementation Team (SIT)

Chelsea Crossman - Registered Nurse

Mark MacKenzie - Physiotherapist

Abigail Simmons - Occupational Therapist

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