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St. Joseph’s Health Care London

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St. Joseph’s Health Care London is one of Ontario’s leading teaching hospitals, contributing to the advancement of health care, education and research. We are a partner in London’s academic health sciences community.

Program Description:

The Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Program at St. Joseph’s Health Care London’s Parkwood Institute is a leader in Canada in spinal cord injury treatment and research. It has a 15-bed inpatient rehabilitation
unit specifically designed for individuals who have had a spinal cord injury. Our goal is to help patients reach an optimal level of functioning and assist them in reintegrating into the community. We also
provide education and support for family caregivers. You can watch a video online to learn more about our program. We value patient centered care, respect,excellence and compassion.

Implementation in Action

Consortium Team Members

Site Leads

Andrea Lee – Director, Rehab. Program

Dr. Ali Bateman – Medical Director

Anna Kras-Dupuis – Clinical Nurse Specialist & Implementation Mentor Julie Gagliardi – Rehab Coordinator (former)

Data Support

Luxshmi Nageswaran – Research Assistant

Merna Seliman – Data Support (former)

Implementation & Evaluation Specialists (IES)

Charlie Giurleo – Occupational Therapist 

Stephanie Cornell – Physiotherapist 

Brianne Floriancic – Registered Nurse (former)

Jaclyn Vandenwyngaert –Registered Nurse (former)

Site Implementation Team (SIT) - Emotional Wellbeing

Meaghan Mott – Social Worker

Leanne Brady – Physiotherapist

Nadia Andretta Whelan – Therapeutic Rec. Specialist Anne-Marie Kap – Social Worker Paul Garrett – Community Partner

Brenda Martin – Community Partner

Julie Watson – Community Partner - Spinal Cord Injury Ontario

Site Implementation Team (SIT) -  Walking/Wheeled Mobility

Neal McKinnon – Physiotherapist

Lindsey Guilbault – Physiotherapist

Shannon Walters – Physiotherapist

Gary Lee-Tai-Fuy – Occupational Therapist

Sarah Trenker – Occupational Therapist

Christine Butters – OTA/PTA

Kerri DAmbrosio – OTA

Payton Wallman – Occupational Therapist

Wendy Laskey – Physiotherapist

Leanne Brady – Physiotherapist

Jacqui Kinahan – Community Partner (former)

Patrick Stapleton – Community Partner (former)

Site Implementation Team (SIT) -  Tissue Integrity/UTI

Dr. Ali Bateman – Medical Director

Kiera Abernethy – Registered Nurse

Nicole Forster – Registered Nurse

Megan Jakimczuk – Registered Nurse

Colleen Collins – Dietician

Dr. Stephanie Muise – Physiatrist (PGY)

Katie Worrad – Pharmacist

April Koo - Pharmacist

Julie Sawchuk – Community Partner

Diane Mihalik – Registered Nurse

Joanne Wessenger – Registered Nurse

Gary Lee-Tai-Fuy – Occupational Therapist

Christine Butters – OTA/PTA

Kerri D’Ambrosio – OTA/PTA

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