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At the Consortium we are constantly evaluating our progress and effectiveness. This process is circular and our pursuit of improvement never ends. Below is our evaluation framework by which we test our success and then identify issues that we are facing.

Implementation Steps Report Ver.png

Developing and Collecting Indicators

"Prioritization of rehabilitation Domains for establishing spinal cord injury high performance indicators using a modification of the Hanlon method: SCI-High Project"

Importance of Bench marking our Progress

In practice, bench marking encompasses:


  • regularly comparing indicators (structure, activities, processes and outcomes)against “top performers”

  • identifying differences in outcomes through inter-organizational visits;

  • seeking out new approaches in order to make improvements that will have the greatest impact on outcomes

  • monitoring quality of care indicators                 

Investment Chart

Consortium Data Strategy

Local data collection
De-identification of patient data
Data transfer to UHN
Data cleaning and validation
Analysis & reporting

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